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Beyond the Horizon

We wholeheartedly appreciate nature's blessings, producers who catch ingredients at the risk of their lives, chefs who cooks the ingredients into finest dishes and all the people involved in the logistics. In order to return such appreciation and to realise our dream, we strive very hard every day. 

There are a rich variety of finest ingredients in Japan. On the contrary, there are various kinds of abandoned ingredients too, and ignoring such has been causing some severe marine issues. Through the global distribution of Japan's seafood, we aim to protect ocean's sustainability. 

Introduction of teammates

Optimising our individual strengths as a team, we promise to provide top-quality ingredients and services to you. 

 Banquet with teammates is the best moment. 


          Company Name    Toyama Trading Company Ltd.

          Founded      1 August 2016

        150 million yen

          Business            Export Japanese marine, agricultural
                                      products and Sake

          Exporting to           Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam

          Representative    Ikki Toyama

          Telephone        +81 92-406-7688

          FAX         +81 92-510-1327

          Office Location      Fukuoka Fish Market, Nagahama 3-13-3, 
                                       Chuo-ward, Fukuoka-city, 810-0072, JAPAN

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